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(You can't say that about many other businesses,
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Hello, my name is Patrick Cash and you can get in touch with me by phone or text at 205-369-7052.
We still run a lawn business. If I don't answer, please try back in a few minutes (we've probably stepped outside)

Before I go on, I have to ask you this... why would you want to get advice from someone not in the lawn care business or who won't even talk to you on the phone? If I'm where I can answer, I'm glad to talk.

In the lawn care service industry, new customers are being made for you every single day!

Do you realize that thousands of new homes and businesses are being built every year. Someone has to landscape them and then maintain those lawns. Why shouldn't it be you?

Just in the small area where we're located there were over 387 new homes built last year. Think about that....That's 387 homes with new lawns (not counting all of the new businesses that were built).

Most of these homeowners will pay someone over and over again service their lawn every week. The possibilities in this industry are just amazing.

Don't you deserve to get your share??

Don't think you can afford to get started... It doesn't really take a lot to start a lawn care business. One of the great things about the lawn care industry is you can start small and move up as your lawn business expands. I didn't start with a new zero turn mower and a trailer full of trimmers, blowers and edgers. As my business quickly grew I added top notch equipment....but I didn't pay retail for it. Curious how I did that?

Don't have any experience?

When I first started, the only experience I had was cutting my own lawn. I didn't have any clients.

A friend of mine, who owns a lawn business, gave me two of his clients (he had more work than he could do). From there I grew my business to over 300 regular customers in less than 18 months. While it might have been quicker to buy a lawn care franchise for 25K plus, I knew I could do it on my own if I just had some good, solid advice. I'll show you in detail how I did all of this!

What can an average day be like for you in your lawn business?

Here's an example of one of our recent days...

It's Thursday and we have 14 properties on the schedule.

We arrive at the first neighborhood. Here, there are 3 houses in a row, which I really like because it's basically like mowing one big lawn
(We charge $45 each to do these lawns.)

While my helper starts trimming I fire up the zero turn mower and get going.

We're almost done with the second house when one of the homeowners comes out and asks me if I can add some new mulch to her flower beds and around the trees.

I give her a price and she tells me that the price sounds good and to go ahead and do it. (We won't have to make a special trip. We can do the mulch on our next regular visit.)

On to the next neighborhood where we have 5 lawns to do.
These lawns are $35 each (which is our minimum charge).

This is a garden home community so the lawns are small and the homes are really close together.
(We use our 42" walk behind mower for this neighborhood).

These 5 lawns are not connected but they're so close we only have to unload once.

Now on to the final 6 lawns to service...These are all in another subdivision, and are larger "estate size" lawns. These lawns are range from $50-$75.

The last time I was in this neighborhood I dropped off full color postcards that show our low voltage lighting we sell and install. One of the homeowners called me a few days ago so while I'm here I'm going to write up an estimate.

Another homeowner is supposed to call me and let me know when we can do a demonstration for them...

Get back to the truck and check my messages...

I had a call from a customer I had dropped off a lawn care proposal for a few days ago. They want us to service their lawn starting next week.

We stop to fill up our equipment and truck for the following day and head for home....

So let's see how we did: We had 14 properties to service today.

I grossed $640 for the day and didn't work a full 8 hours.

In addition to this I have a customer wanting us to do a mulch job as soon as possible, I found out we picked up a new client for lawn care, and I gave an estimate on installing a low voltage lighting system.

All in all I would say it's been a good day. This was an average day for us. Sometimes we may make a good bit more depending on what we are doing for the day...

How long did it take us to get to this point in our business?

Less than one season....

Once we learned a few marketing secrets (our competition is not even aware of) we began to have more work than we could get to.

At that point we started picking and choosing our clients a little more carefully.

I want to share the secrets to our success with you.

Green Lawn Check You can get started with your lawn care business TODAY!
Not only do we rush your package out to you, you can download it instantly after you order!

Green Lawn Check You'll get a Simple to use, Pre-written lawn care proposal and cover letter.
Use this easily customizable proposal and cover letter for your business.
No need to rack your brain writing your own.
I've made it super easy for you to give your potential customers a professional looking lawn care proposal in only a few minutes.

Green Lawn Check You'll know how to easily move from residential to commercial accounts.
When I started out I didn't have anyone to show me how to do this.
I learned the hard way. It's drop dead simple once you realize what to do...

I'll show you step by step how to do this and get those big year-round commercial accounts.

Green Lawn Check A Pre-Written, easy to use, customizable, yearly lawn care service contract.
Ready to use for your business. Easy to read, easy to understand.

Lawn Care Contract and proposal

Green Lawn Check Do you lose money with some customers and don't even know it?
Find out with our Customer Profitability Worksheets.
Using this worksheet you can find out fast and easy if a customer is a money maker or a loser costing you money.
You'll know whether to go up on the prices or just weed out the money sucking clients.

Green Lawn Check Letters you can customize in a snap and send to your present customers or potential customers.

These include:

Green Lawn Check How to choose and set up your lawn care trailer.

We'll show you how we set up our trailer from start to finish....
You'll see the racks and modifications we've made step by step along with detailed pictures to help you to do the same with your lawn care trailer.

Lawn Care Trailer

Green Lawn Check Many great add-on services so that you can make money all year round.

I will tell you more about:

We make almost as much doing one of these as we do mowing!!
I'll show you which one...

Green Lawn Check Lawn Care Business Plan
A professionally produced lawn care business plan template you can use to start or expand your lawn care business.

Lawn Care Business Plan

Green Lawn Check You'll learn faster ways to mow while saving more on fuel and still make more money.
Time is money. The faster you cut, the more money you make. It's that simple.

Green Lawn Check Learn how to use fertilizers.
The best fertilizers to use, how often and tips on growing the greenest grass possible.

Green Lawn Check I'll give you our new full color flyer templates that are just waiting to be customized with your business info.
These are the exact, proven ones we use.
You can use them to build your lawn business super fast.
You can only get these from us!

Green Lawn Check You'll be shown proven, surefire ways to get tons of new customers.
And no, it's not putting flyers in mailboxes-- In case you didn't know this is illegal according to the US Postal code.

Green Lawn Check 10 New Lawn Care Business Card Templates. Super easy to use.
Change the name and number on them and you're good to go to the printer.

Business Cards for your lawn care business

Green Lawn Check Need a name and slogan for your lawn service?
I'll give you a huge list of lawn care business names so you can find that perfect name for your new business. You'll be surprised what a good name can do for your business!

Green Lawn Check Over 20 Customizable Lawn Care Business Logo Designs
included for you to use for your lawn care service.
We want to help your lawn care service stand out from the crowd and look professional.

Lawn Care Logo1 Lawn Business Logo2 Lawn Serivce Logo3 Lawn Care Business Logo4

Green Lawn Check Setting up a system that sends customers to you automatically.
I'll show you how we use this to get even more customers without spending a penny on advertising!

Green Lawn Check How to make your yellow pages ad work circles around the competition.
Yellow page ads are expensive. Use this technique and your phone will ring instead of your competitors.

Green Lawn Check 12 Lawn Care Newsletters
12 professionally written newsletters you can use to market to your clients. We've used these with great results!

Lawn Care Newsletters

Green Lawn Check Insurance and Bonding
Learn what types of insurance you'll want for your business.
You don't want any surprises here and so we guide you in making the best decisions in insurance choices.

Green Lawn Check Learn about the lawn care service business industry magazines that you'll want to subscribe to immediately.
Now that you are in the business, read what the professionals read.
You can't get these magazines at the local news-stand but we'll show you how and where to get them (some of them FREE!)

Green Lawn Check How to choose your equipment
Zero Turn Mowers, Walk Behind Mowers, Edgers, Trimmers and Blowers.
I'll show you how you can buy slightly used mowers for a great deal.

Green Lawn Check Several coveted "secrets of the trade" that may make other lawn business owners more than a little upset... you deserve to know these if you're serious about making a lot of money in this business.

Green Lawn Check You'll learn to estimate lighting fast, easy and accurate.
Did you know if under estimate by just $5-$10 per job, you're losing thousands of dollars per year? Are you doing this??
Don't fall into the trap of being the cheapest guy in town.
You'll know step by step how to price jobs that will skyrocket your lawn care business.

Green Lawn Check You'll be given a premium listing in our lawn care business directory so anyone searching on the internet will find you first.

Lawn Care Business Direcory

Green Lawn Check You want to have some fun don't you?
I'll even give you a copy of our new lawn care game to play on your computer.

Green Lawn Check My Brand New, Totally Updated Audio CD
This CD goes over all aspects of the business and is great to listen to while your out riding around getting new clients!

Lawn Care Audio CD

Plus a lot more ...

You'll get all the things I've told you about and shown you here and lots more! It's all written in easy to read and understand format.

Nothing that takes a college degree to understand.

Everything is written in plain English and laid out for you so you can get started today!

Here's what a few of the people we've helped start and live their dream had to say:

"Using your two favorite marketing methods I landed 17 new lawn care customers in three weeks."

It's so easy to waste money on advertising. The problem is, I really didn't have the money to waste...I had no idea if I should try the yellow pages, radio ads, signs you can nail on telephone poles, flyers or a few other things. By the time I do all of this I've wasted a few weeks and TONS of money.

When you told me the two things you do that worked for you to get more customers, I figured what the heck, it was worth a try. It was without a doubt the best money I've ever spent.

Jason Wallace
Memphis, TN

"...much more than just about mowing lawns"

"After reading your course then talking with you on the phone I realized there is so much more I can do than just cut grass. I see so many guys cutting grass I didn't even know if it was worth my time to get into this business. I had no idea there were so many other things I could to. If things keep going like they are going I'm going to be doing nothing but fertilization full time! I'll have enough customers just doing that to provide me with a killer income!"

Tyler Jones
Columbus, OH

"...after I got laid off, I had to find a way to make money, and this was it!"

Augusta, GA

"...using the proposals you provide has really set me apart from the competition."

It's amazing how many people just tell a customer how much they will cut their lawn for. I found by using the proposal you provided me I seem more professional to prospective clients.

One lady told me my price was the same as someone else she got a quote from. The reason she chose me was I provided a quote in writing telling her exactly what I would be doing for her.

David Long
Orlando, FL

"...using what you've taught me I found out where I was making money and where I was losing."

Since I started my business I always felt like it was a roller coaster ride. All the ups and downs. One day it seemed like we did ok, the next I felt like I worked for nothing. I couldn't figure out why. Once I learned about looking for customers that aren't' profitable to me, it literally turned my business around.

I "fired" several customers and started marketing to the kind of customers that were most profitable to me.

What a real eye opener! I never would have started thinking like this without our help.

My business has really taken off because of this change in thinking.

Simpson Lawn Care
Scott Simpson

"...I bought three other courses on starting lawn care business. Nothing even came close to what I learned from you!"

For the past year I have been looking, reading and trying to learn all I could find about starting my new lawn business. While I admit there's good information out there, I also found some bad advice. There was more than a few things that set your package head and shoulders above the rest.

Not only is the information great, I felt like when I talked to you, you really cared how I do in business and if I am successful.

Don Lawson
Duluth, GA

"...Your audio cd by itself is worth it's weight in gold."

I can't thank you enough for your audio CD. I listen to it over and over. Not only has it provided me tons of great information, it also helped motivate me! Sometimes we all need a little push to get us going. I can pop your cd in my truck and you are there to motivate and push me! Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Jeff Hammonds
Gulfport, MS

So How Much Will All This Cost?

This is the best part ...

Even if you forget the years of hard learned experience and knowledge I've packed into this program,
to find out all of the things course from scratch would easily cost you thousands of dollars.

Heck, just the sample contracts alone would cost you a few hundred dollars if you got a lawyer to draw them up for you.

We've literally taken out all the hard work and rough edges from starting this business.

I'll also be glad to talk with you on the phone, text or by emails anytime you need it.

You can have this entire package for less than the cost of a tank of gas!

The entire course... which includes the lawn guide, audio CD, the new lawn care estimating software, forms, letters, contracts, the lawn care letter and contract writing software and tons more is all yours for only $47.00

Listen, I've bought all the other lawn care courses selling online right now.

After comparing them to mine, I'm more convinced that this is the best information you can get for starting and running a lawn business.

I'm so confident, I'll tell you to do something no one else will....
Everyone offers a money back guarantee, buy all the guides people are selling and return the one YOU feel doesn't provide you with the most value! I wonder how come no one else is tell you to do this?

As an added bonus you also get the new Lawn Care Calculator Software & Lawn Care Contract & Proposal Writing Software FREE !

Lawn Care CalculatorLawn Care Contract and Proposal

P.S. Remember that you get the complete and amazingly simple Lawn Care Business Guide, Lawn Business Audio CD, New Lawn Care Calculator Software, the Lawn Care Game, and the Contract / Proposal writing software, for the ridiculously low price of $47.00 !

P.P.S. Isn't it about time you get ahead financially, rather than just sitting by and watching others enjoy the good life? There's no time like the present! The power is now in your hands to make a difference in your life and that of your family.

No more excuses!

Your order is backed by my 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the course within 365 days and we'll refund the full amount. That's right, I will give you a FULL YEAR to use our info!

So you have nothing to lose and all to gain. All the risk on me.


Get Your Complete Lawn Care Business Guide, Audio CD, Lawn Care Game, FREE Bonus Lawn Care Calculator Software and Lawn Care Contract / Proposal Writing Software NOW for Only:

Look at it this way... if you pick up just ONE new customer from the things I'll show you, this course has already paid for itself!

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